What is a Scenario

Financial Scenarios LTC Scenarios are live interactive calculators built into PDF files with unique &  proprietary insurance oriented Financial Formulas to graphically allow the prospect to build their own Financial Models. They also act like "DIGITAL BUSINESS CARDS".  They are the perfect tool to help a prospect discover "their Financial problem"!

The Scenarios can be "EMAILED" to as many prospects as the Advisor would like and are personalized with the Advisor's Name, Address, Phone, Email address and Web site. The Prospect can graphically move the Sliders or enter their own data to adjust the variables and let the Scenario Builder calculate and chart the numbers based on their own situation.

The Scenarios provide Unique Interactive talking points that pertain to the Client or the Prospect.  They don't have to be online to view or manipulate the Scenarios, just at a computer. This will give you great deal more to discuss than any paper brochure or document that you send them.

If they are shared with the Prospect's friends or associate they can turn into instant referrals. All of the Advisors Contact Information is included.

The Financial Scenario PDF Version of the Software requires free software from Adobe 
to function. 

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player

You can download them for free at:

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